• Incredible heating for minimal cost

    Here at SS Heat you will find ways to heat your business, office or home with the next generation of low energy consumption electric plates which are easy to install and good for the planet.

  • New Outdoor Series

    Direct heat irradiation intended for outdoor installation, high ceilings and, in general, places that require protection from moisture.

UK’s leading consultant and supplier of infrared heating systems.



We produce heating plates with low power consumption and maximum energy efficiency.


Energy efficient  savings of 30 to 50% compared to other heating systems.

Outdoor Series

Outdoor installation, high ceilings and, in general, places that require protection from moisture

Health Benefits

Our plates do not generate air movement, preventing dust and other harmful particulates.


It is essential to correctly calculate the number of plates for each space to be heated.

Common Applications

Our plates are being installed in residential housing, Schools, Hospitals and Universities.

Why us?

SS HEAT is a heating system based on low energy consumption electric plates. Our plates are usually installed in the ceiling and connected to a separate thermostat in each zone or room. Its technology, besides having important savings is beneficial to health, requires no maintenance and is very easy to install.

Thanks to its innovative direct heat radiation, a high degree of comfort is obtained throughout the space to be heated. Due to the high efficiency of the plates and, reduced running costs, savings ranging from 35% to 50% can be achieved compared to other heating systems that use electricity or fuels like gas or diesel.