By not heating the air and using waves there are no fossil fuels burned helping to preserve the ozone layer and reduce pollution in cities.

There is also no risk of leaking gas or other fuels, no burns to the touch and no risk of explosion, fire or asphyxiation from gas leaks.

Without needing space for boilers, flues or pipes the maintenance is minimal and will keep the same performance for more than 20 years.

This system converts 98% of the energy used into heat, without the heat losses that occur in other conventional methods, such as those produced in boilers, pipes, radiators and piping systems.

It is not necessary to heat an entire building, home or premises as HEAT SS plates operate independently of each other in each area of the same property. The plates are fully adjustable by a chrono-thermostat in each room allowing for unheated rooms to stay at between 19º 22º depending on time and usage.  Thermal comfort is achieved within seconds. Whilst other systems use air as a heat transmitter SS HEAT plates do not generate airflow thus avoiding the feeling of being at a lower temperature.

In the absence of moving parts to generate drafts, SS HEAT is totally silent and vibration free.

Because The SS HEAT plates, are installed on the ceiling the walls are free from radiators or vents giving more more freedom of space and flexibility to decorate rooms and improve aesthetics.