Common Applications


The  SS HEAT system further benefit households with children or the elderly. The increased generation of negative ions produced by heat IRRADIATION relieves stress and promotes relaxation, providing good home welfare.

Baths, Spas and Saunas

The heat emitted by SS HEAT in the infrared frequency produces a pleasant and immediate effect on the body. Because of this its use in bathrooms, pools, spas etc is recommended.  Furthermore all HEAT SS models available have Ip X4 protection, allowing completely safe installations in these environments.

Schools, Universities and Training Centres

SS HEAT technology through infrared heat emission causes increased blood circulation and greater oxygenation of the bloods cells. This improves metabolism and other physiological functions improving concentration and performance.

The panels allow for the heating of classrooms and common areas in a short space of time with optimum temperature throughout the rooms.

Health Centres

In hospitals, clinics or health centres, the heat provided by SS HEAT is safe and hygienic.

The natural effect of antibiosis plus the production of Negative Ions, helps keep the air free of bacteria, germs and any other form of contamination.

Clubs and Sports Facilities

Infrared heat, and the soothing effect of negative ions, make SS HEAT ideal for spa and fitness centers. The rays also reduce the risks of muscle strain..

Infrared heat IRRADIATION causes muscles to relax, which in turn reduces physical effort due to a greater oxygen uptake causing less lactic acid to be produced.


Improved concentration at work.

The SS HEAT heating system produces an environment that promotes concentration and performance in the office and provides a uniform temperature and better working conditions.


The SS HEAT plates operate using direct heat irradiation, directly heating surfaces without the need to preheat the air ideal for heating terraces and outside areas at road level.

Factories and Industrial

The SS HEAT system allows for warm comfort in warehouses or large spaces whilst achieving significant savings in consumption costs.

Also there are no moving parts or flammable fuels consumed making for a safer working environment.


SS HEAT type Infrared heat promotes good plant growth. It has been shown that plants grown with infrared heat have better health and longevity.

Among other benefits, long-range infrared rays help plants to create a thicker cuticle making them more resistant to attack by germs and parasites. The infrared heat also combats fungus growth and the antibacterial effect cancels out pathogens.


The HEAT SS heating system is being widely installed in hotels, both for heating outdoor terraces and for heating rooms or bathrooms. With no moving parts or any flammable fuels consumed, it requires no maintenance and is therefore much safer.

Tents and Mounts in External Events

The  SS HEAT plates operate by direct heat IRRADIATION, directly heating surfaces without having to preheat the air, so they are especially recommended for heating tent events and heating outdoor spaces for outdoor events throughout the year.

Public Administration

Installing SS HEAT heating systems gives significant energy savings and helps prevent pollution in cities.

The system can be installed quickly without investing in complex installations like boilers, fuel depots, etc. It transforms working areas most exposed to cold.