Outdoor Heating Technology Comparison

SS Heat V’s Outdoor Gas Heaters

  • Emits a much more uniform heat in the required space.
  • Allows consumption cost savings in excess of 50%
  • Each panel will achieve more heat within a specified zone.
  • No maintenance or regular inspection required.
  • No need to change heavy gas bottles.
  • Gain floor space by eliminating gas bottles etc.
  • No risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Activate by switch or by a PIR
  • Much more environmentally friendly as it does not consume fossil fuels or damage the ozone layer.

SS Heat V’s Starndard Infared Heaters

  • Radiates heat waves between 4 and 14цm, so heat penetrates further and uses less electricity.
  • Consumes 37% less electricity
  • The  heat is dispersed more evenly without being unidirectional. Heating larger areas, providing a better thermal sensation and warming everyone nearby not just those sitting directly beside the heater.
  • Improved aesthetics. Easily integrates with furniture and other structures.
  • No dazzle at night
  • No maintenance or expensive upkeep, so savings and reliability are greater than other sources of heat.