SS Heat Outdoor Series

Direct heat irradiation intended for outdoor installation, high ceilings and, in general, places that require protection from moisture

SSH radiant heaters, mimic the process of the sun as it warms the earth, giving people the same thermal sensation that we get from the suns rays.

SSH is maintenance free, and the estimated useful life exceeds 20 years without requiring any maintenance, which makes  its large economic savings the ideal solution for this type of heating installation. Our plates have an IP 44 rating and are therefore protected from moisture so they can be installed on roofs and terraces or any outdoor situation. Which solves the major problem facing the hospitality industry since the smoking ban was passed.

We have the novelty of two series made in Spain with the highest quality:

Outdoor ECO SMART Series

With high performance and maximum thermal emission.

Specially designed for large spaces, or where maximum efficiency is required, such as terraces, warehouses, factories or businesses that have a high ceilings and are very difficult to heat.

Outdoor EFFICIENT Series

The product range with further EFFICIENCY savings has major advantages over other heating systems. ECO SMART comes equipped with a new patented “efficient” system technology, which will further reduce kW per hour consumption, whilst still maintaining the same performance using the same plate size producing the same temperature. kW consumption is reduced by 40%

Efficient Technology

The EFFICIENT OUTDOOR product range has additional savings and benefits over other heating systems.   SS HEAT is equipped with a new patented “efficient” system technology which will further reduce consumption of kW per hour, while maintaining the same performance, and therefore additional savings in electricity bills, because using the  same size and plate temperature, a 40% reduced power consumption per kW hour  is achieved.

To achieve and maintain this exclusive technology, SS HEAT is at this time only manufactured in Spain, to ensure maximum quality and durability of our products.

These savings are achieved through a new system of power supply, and a new generation of heat emitters giving significantly reduce consumption.