SS HEAT provides warmth through ultra high tech, low energy consumption electric plates installed in the ceiling or wall. The plates are developed in technology Mecca South Korea.

By using this innovative system you can expect to save at least 35% to 50% in running costs compared to fossil fuel heating solutions. The plates emit a heat wave which is the same wavelength as beneficial heat we get from the sun. This gives sun like warmth, but without any of the risks, and with significant energy savings.

Our Plates have a flat design with clean lines, and go almost completely unnoticed when located in their optimal position on ceilings.

The standard colour is white, but can be produced in any colour on request. Installation is very simple and the plates require no maintenance.

Where SS Heat plates are installed, it is optionally controlled by chrono-thermostats in each room. For this reason and to save energy, the rooms in the house that are occupied will receive heat, but as soon as the room is unoccupied the heaters automatically switch off.

The Details

SS HEAT plates emit a heat wave with a frequency of between 4 and 14 nanometer (low band of infrared emission from long  range), which is the same wavelength as that  beneficial heat irradiation we get from the sun. Thereby getting the significant benefits, of sun like warmth, without any of the risks, and with significant energy savings.

The SSH Indoor Series improve the performance of other seemingly similar systems through the use of aluminum-based thermal emitters that have been patented and are applied using nano-composites. Among other advantages, this achieves greater thermal efficiency, and manages to improve the antibacterial and odour removal functions and increase the generation of negative ions, thereby gaining significant additional health benefits.